Efficient Planning means more time teaching students!

Align with your State's Curriculum.
Align with your State's Curriculum.
Your digital plans are with you at all times.
Your digital plans are with you at all times.
Store all your lesson plans in one place.
Store all your lesson plans in one place.



Setup your class schedule

Add weekly objectives

Link to your State’s Curriculum

Copy Lessons and Objectives Quickly

Link to Core Curriculum & Standards

Manage your lesson plans

Creating your planbook is hard work. Teacher Plan Book will store your hard work in the cloud and reload next year’s book with your Weekly Objectives and Lesson Plans — saving you time and headache! Now you can focus on improving your planbook year-over-year, instead of wasting time duplicating what you did in previous years. You will continually be evolving your lessons and always staying at the cutting edge of educational standards and requirements.

Spread Learning Accountability Outside the Classroom Walls

Quick access to standards in your state.
Quick access to standards in your state.
Core Curriculum Standards Built In.
Core Curriculum Standards Built In.

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About TeacherPlanbook



TeacherPlanBook aims to disrupt the status-quo learning environment to create a connected learning ecosystem. While traditional planbooks are physical books used in a classroom, a digital plan-book can not only improve productivity and efficiency of teaching, it can also help extend that classroom beyond physical walls and bring parents, administrators, and the community back into education. TeacherPlanBook will become the leader in educational support systems.

The Team

Teacher Plan Book was created by teachers, for teachers. Jay and Tiffany saw the opportunity to streamline the planning process, first hand, and created TeacherPlanBook as a result. Jay is a secondary special educator, currently teaching high school Social Studies. Tiffany is schooled in elementary, general and special, education, and has taught at multiple grade levels. Jay and Tiffany reside, and work, in Long Island, NY.

Jay and Tiffany then met Marc who agreed TPB is a tremendous business opportunity. Marc is a hands-on leader of international sales, pre-sales and software development teams with a proven track record of repeatedly exceeding goals. Successful, with more than 25 years of constantly increasing and highly diverse experience, including over 25 years in three global software firms; J.D.Edwards (now part of Oracle), Automsoft, and Salesforce.com.  Marc provided his deep software expertise and re-architected the overall solution- proposing a mobile first solution that included offline client access with cloud storage and backup.  Marc, a serial entrepreneur, resides in Long Island, NY.



Chief Product Officer


Chief Operations Officer


Chief Executive Officer


After fifteen plus years of utilizing lesson plans and fifteen plus years of supervising teacher use of lesson plans,
I believe Teacher Plan Book, a computerized system, will save a great deal of time and effort for both teachers and supervisors,
enabling the focus of time and attention to be on the students and their learning styles. Use it wisely, to your advantage and to that of your students.
Aime Lacoste Retired Principal- Seatuket JHS & RC Murphy JHS - Stony Brook, NY
Thank you for Teacherplanbook.com! After several years of searching, trying numerous “free” programs and paying for many plan book programs and apps for my iPad your plan book is the very first that I found to be simple to learn, easy to use, and which fulfills all of my planning and reporting needs! I especially love that it is internet based (one less thing to carry), that I can tie assignments to texts and materials that I commonly use (saving time and typing), and that I can link lessons to State Standards with just a click. I also love that I can simply give my administrator my Member number and he can easily check my plan book without me having to print it out and hand it in! With all of the additional paperwork increasingly heaped upon teachers, it’s so nice to come across something that saves time and work rather than creating more! In addition, I want to thank you for your prompt response to any questions or suggestions I had! I hope what I said was OK. It was certainly from the heart. I love your planbook!!!! Thanks again for simplifying my life this year!
Trish Auletta Sachem School District - Farmingville, NY
TeacherPlanBook is an innovation that has been long overdue.  For years, I have been burdened by the monotonous task of documenting my lesson plans and weekly objectives in the small  boxes contained in the school issued plan book. Every year, I have to take time away from  actually creating innovative lessons, in order to restate the same objectives. With 4 different courses and 3 different lab classes, I have been forced to become a pencil pusher at the expense of improving my craft. Now with TeacherPlanBook, I’m just a few clicks away from organizing my daily and weekly plans and objectives and recording them for yearly use. Because it’s cloud based, …………. At last, I can create a document that  can be refined each year, as opposed to re-writing from the beginning. I expect the refinement of my teaching skills to follow suit. I have looked for a product like this for many years and it has finally arrived. Thank you, TeacherPlanBook.
Science teacher at Central Islip High School NYS certified Physics and Earth Science