Consider: The students we teach today were born to new technology. To teach these new generations effectively -- to get and keep their attention -- we must upgrade our teaching systems and keep up with the technology that defines their view of the world. TeacherPlanBook.com makes a part of that so simple, even technophobes will approve once they see it.

TeacherPlanBook.com has been designed by teachers who know the ins-and-outs of real-world lesson planning. We have converted the old paper/pen system into a web-based system that works in the familiar elements – but in a more effective way. It gives teachers better plans, faster, with more time to concentrate on teaching. It gives administrators the ability to ensure compliance and accountability of all classes in all grades. It improves education, with unique features and powerful benefits. 

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 “TeacherPlanBook is an innovation that has been long overdue. For years, I have been burdened by the monotonous task of documenting my lesson plans and weekly objectives in the small boxes contained in the school-issued planner. Every year I have to take time away from actually creating innovative lessons, in order to restate the same objectives. With 4 different courses and 3 different lab classes, I am forced to become a pencil pusher at the expense of improving my craft. Now, with TeacherPlanBook.com, I’m just a few clicks away from organizing my daily and weekly plans and objectives. Thank you, TeacherPlanBook!”

NYS Certified Physics and Earth Science Teacher Central Islip High School



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TeacherPlanBook.com is the online solution to better lesson planning. It’s adapts the traditional paper planner and then goes further – with one-click lesson building, weekly objectives and integrated links to national, state and core curriculum standards. It is much more efficient lesson planning. 

For a free 5-day trial of TeacherPlanBook.com, create an account. No cost or obligation, of course. We are confident of two things: in just one week, you’ll learn how easy TeacherPlanBook.com is to use – and decide that you want to keep using it, every day, all year. 

Set your sights higher. Be a more effective teacher.

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