Consider: The students we teach today were born to new technology. To teach these new generations effectively -- to get and keep their attention -- we must upgrade our teaching systems and keep up with the technology that defines their view of the world. TeacherPlanBook.com has a goal to make that so simple, even technophobes will approve once they see it.

TeacherPlanBook.com offers products to improve what we call the entire educational ecosystem, from lesson planning and grading for teachers to comprehensive analysis for administrators. Our products help administrators help their teachers maximize their time planning and teaching… and provide data to both administrators and teachers that can help them improve their classrooms, their schools, their educational ecosystem.

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“Thank you TeacherPlanBook! After several years of searching, trying numerous "free" programs and paying for many planner programs, your TeacherPlanBook is the first that I found to be simple to learn, easy to use, and fulfills all of my planning and reporting needs! I especially love that it's online (one less thing to carry) and that I can link lessons to state stands with one-click. With all the additional paperwork increasingly heaped on teachers, it's so nice to come across something that saves time and work rather than creating more!”

Trish Auletta Sachem School District



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TeacherPlanBook.com’s flagship product, TPB Lesson Planner is the online solution to better lesson planning. It’s adapts the traditional paper planner and then goes further – with one-click lesson building, weekly objectives and integrated links to national, state and core curriculum standards. It is much more efficient lesson planning. 

For a free 5-day trial of TPB Lesson Planner – including TBP Grade Book and access to TPB Content-on-Demand, create an account. No cost or obligation, of course. We are confident of two things: in just one week, you’ll learn how easy TPB Lesson Planner is to use – and decide that you want to keep using it, every day, all year. 

Set your sights higher. Be a more effective teacher.

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