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When the goal is to improve student results, where do we start?

The quick answer is simple: find a way for those students to learn better. But that’s just the easy answer. 

Whether we follow Bloom, Marzano or Danielson, we must recognize that students today have themselves changed the way they learn. The internet, social media – in fact, virtually ALL media – have given students access to virtually unlimited information. All of it is presented in ways that engage them – and engage multiple senses. Consider the possibilities of teaching students using all of these tools. Would the end result be students with greater understanding of a subject – and, perhaps a great interest it in? Of course, it would.

BUT, how will our teachers have the time and resources required to make that kind of innovative teaching happen?

This is where TeacherPlanBook comes in.

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Professional Edition

TeacherPlanBook application previews’s Professional Edition is meant for individual teachers. It is based on our flagship product, TPB Lesson Planner, the online solution to better lesson planning. It’s adapts the traditional paper planner and then goes further – with one-click lesson building, weekly objectives and integrated links to national, state and core curriculum standards. It is much more efficient lesson planning. 

For a free 5-day trial of TPB Lesson Planner – including TBP Grade Book and access to TPB Content-on-Demand, create an account. No cost or obligation, of course. We are confident of two things: in just five days, you’ll learn how easy TPB Professional Edition is to use – and decide that you want to keep using it, every day, all year. 

Set your sights higher. Be a more effective teacher.

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News & Events launches unique new product that simplifies IEP/504 compliance and documentation

TPB IEP/504 Tracker improves compliance, learning and parental confidence – while decreasing litigation and financial awards Shirley, NY –, a New York-based company that develops cloud-based software to improve every aspect of education, has announced that is has launched a...
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