About Us

When the goal is to improve student results, where do we start?

The quick answer is simple: find a way for those students to learn better. But that’s just the easy answer. 

Whether we follow Bloom, Marzano or Danielson, we must recognize that students today have themselves changed the way they learn. The internet, social media – in fact, virtually ALL media – have given students access to virtually unlimited information. All of it is presented in ways that engage them – and engage multiple senses. Consider the possibilities of teaching students using all these tools. Would the end result be students with greater understanding of a subject – and, perhaps a great interest it in? Of course, it would.

BUT, how will our teachers have the time and resources required to make that kind of innovative teaching happen?

This is where TeacherPlanBook comes in.

We give teachers – and school administrators – tools that create high-achieving, collaborative learning communities…tools that result in better teaching, better learning and better schools.

TeacherPlanBook cloud-based systems:

  • Make lesson planning faster and more efficient, allowing for the kinds of plans that engage students more effectively;
  • Make collaboration an essential part of the process, breaking
    down the silos and strengthening relationships;
  • Allow sharing with administrators, for input and feedback – beneficial for all stakeholders;
  • Create an environment that supports teachers – to help them teach better;
  • Save time aligning with Standards and defining objectives;
  • Offer teaching strategies, customized for your district;
  • Ensure implementation, compliance and documentation of IEP/504 plans;
  • Provide the option of pre-planned, pre-vetted lessons by experts;
  • Provide an easy to use, easy-to-customize Grade Book;
  • Allow administrators to see behind classroom doors, to identify teachers who would benefit from extra assistance, to identify students at risk – to fix issues before they become problems.

If we make everything else more efficient and effective…if we create a collaborative environment…if we work together to create better instruction, our teachers have the time and energy to be better teachers – and our administrators have the knowledge and information to create better schools.

How TeacherPlanBook.com came to be:
BY teachers. FOR teachers.

In 2010, Jay Condrill, an experienced teacher took a hard look at the process of developing an annual paper planner. His analysis led to the founding of TeacherPlanBook.com. Here’s what Jay said:

“I found the annual paper planner was a redundant, colossal waste of time that kept me away from the things I loved most.”

Together, Jay, his wife – teacher Tiffany Condrill – and technology executive/entrepreneur Marc Leibowitz founded TeacherPlanBook.com. The goals originally were to make lesson planning more efficient, to make teaching more effective. That goal has now expanded. We seek to improve every aspect of the learning ecosystem, from lesson planning for teachers to complete analysis of their schools for administrators. We seek to help you create communities with better teaching, better learning, and better schools.

Teachers and administrators agree that we have achieved these goals – and more.