TeacherPlanBook.com Announces Exclusive Partnership With TechXtend

TeacherPlanBook.com Dashboard

TechXtend will be exclusive VAR for all TeacherPlanBook.com products in New Jersey

Shirley, New York, June 14, 2017 (Newswire.com) - TeacherPlanBook.com, a rapidly growing, leading global software development company working exclusively to help teachers and educational administrators benefit from the connected classroom, has announced a new partnership with TechXtend. TechXtend is a NJ-based IT solution provider specializing in the areas of security, virtualization, disaster recovery, and datacenter infrastructure in the education industry. The partnership with TeacherPlanBook.com names TechXtend exclusive VAR for TeachPlanBook.com products in the State of New Jersey.

According to Marc Leibowitz, CEO of TeacherPlanBook.com, the partnership is part of the expansion of the company. “We have just launched a new version of our Lesson Planning system that more than doubles its functionality,” Leibowitz said, “plus TeacherPlanBook.com Learning Analytics for administrators that will help them help teachers teach better — and improve performance. With these products in place, we are ready to expand our sales effort nationwide — and worldwide. Our partnership with TechXtend in New Jersey is a great part of that expansion. We are so pleased to be working with a company with TechXtend's knowledge and understanding of our market. And we’re proud that they believe we are the kind of best-in-breed company they choose to work with.”

“Our mission is to create best-in-breed solution sets that empower your schools to do more, with less”, according to VP and General Manager of TechXtend Kevin Askew. “Adding TeacherPlanBook.com products to our offerings is the perfect fit, for us and for our schools.”

Leibowitz notes that TechXTend will be offering:

  • TeacherPlanBook.com Learning Analytics — designed to provide administrators with a single-screen dashboard to analyze any and all of the data in the system, as a basis for a program to help their teachers teach better — and to improve performance on a classroom, school and district level
  • TeacherPlanBook.com Lesson Planning System — which provides the data that makes Learning Analytics a powerful tool — and gives teachers a faster, more efficient way to plan lessons, comply with standards, chart communications, and more
  • TeacherPlanBook.com Content-On-Demand — an options feature for the Lesson Planning System, with the ability to buy content for 16,000 lessons sorted by subject and grade, written and vetted by professionals to improve lessons
  • TeacherPlanBook.com Grade Book — a powerful option for the Lesson Planning System that stores grades for lessons, tests, classes and more — and provides the data to the TeacherPlanBook.com Learning Analytics Program

Together, the products create the most robust Connected Classroom — and Connected Educators improving education in their systems.

For information and a demo, contact TeacherPlanBook.com at Tiffany Condrill at 631-801-6159. In New Jersey, contact TechXtend at Media Relations, media@techxtend.com. (732) 389-0932


About TeacherPlanBook.com

TeacherPlanBook.com is a New York-based leading global software developer specializing exclusively in cloud-based software for teachers and administrators, aimed at improving the education ecosystem. The company’s online lesson planner was created by teachers for teachers, with the real-world perspective that makes the system easy to learn and use. The system includes one-click lesson building, weekly objectives and integrated links to national, state and core curriculum and learning standards. TeacherPlanBook.com is available in a stand-alone product environment or as an integrated enterprise-class solution deployed in schools, districts or in corporate environments. The system is scalable for any blended learning environment. New products and features are under development. For more information visit www.TeacherPlanBook.com.

About TechXtend

TechXtend, is a New Jersey-based global IT solution provider specializing in the areas of security, virtualization, disaster recovery, and datacenter infrastructure. Their mission to create best-in-breed solution sets that empower your schools to do more, with less. TechXtend is uniquely qualified and invested in helping educational institutions, local government and state agencies achieve the absolute best in the areas of classroom management, staff augmentation, security and many more. TechXtend has headquarters in New Jersey, with offices in Canada and Europe, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the parent company Wayside Technology ticker symbol “WSTG”.