TeacherPlanBook.com launches unique new product that simplifies IEP/504 compliance and documentation

TPB IEP/504 Tracker improves compliance, learning and parental confidence – while decreasing litigation and financial awards

Shirley, NY – TeacherPlanBook.com, a New York-based company that develops cloud-based software to improve every aspect of education, has announced that is has launched a unique product to track implementation of IEP/504 plans developed by other sources. According to Marc Leibowitz, co-founder and CEO, TeacherPlanBook.com developed TPB IEP/504 Tracker in response to requests from school administrators nationwide. “In a significant number of our meetings, “said Leibowitz, we heard about the problems of IEP/504 compliance. Everyone had plans. Everyone – from teachers to superintendents – want to and work hard to comply with the plans. But there has been no way to track what has been done in the classroom…no way to prove compliance. The result has been high costs to settle lawsuits by parents. TPB IEP/504 Tracker is designed to very simply eliminate that problem.”


Mr. Leibowitz went on to say that TPB IEP/504 Tracker is “the first cloud-based system that not only makes plan implementation simple; it also makes documentation and compliance as basic as the plan itself. The system helps schools and districts be proactive. It helps them with collaboration and documentation of required accommodations and modifications, ensuring and proving compliance. It improves compliance by integrating IEP goals and Standards directly into the lesson planner – alerting teachers to provide the plans’ requirements every day. Then it documents the work, for multiple uses, including proof of plan implementation.”

How the TPB IEP/504 Tracker Works

Keeping with the National Center on Educational Outcome’s recommended 5-step process for documenting accommodations and modifications for instruction and assessment, TeacherPlanBook’s IEP/504 Tracker alerts teachers during the planning process of the individual needs of student in their classes. Planning and documenting these accommodations, modifications and associated Standards not only helps ensure their implementation but provides legal documentation for compliance.

The system guides a team towards required implementation and accurate documentation. It:

  • Tracks teacher data entry on delivered accommodations and modifications
  • Monitors progress across a school or district
  • Alerts teachers during planning of student needs
  • Generates compliance reports
  • Facilitates Intervention team collaborative planning
  • Documents parent communication
  • Documents and time stamps at-risk factors

TPB IEP/504 Tracker joins TeacherPlanBooks’ other powerful education technology tools. In the Enterprise Edition, mean to be deployed district-wide, those tools include TPB IEP/504 Tracker, TPB Learning Analytics, TPB Lesson Planner, TPB Gradebook, and TPB Content-on-Demand. As *an integrated unit, these Enterprise Edition products help improve a district, teacher by teacher, student by student, classroom by classroom and school by school.

For further information about TeacherPlanBook.com’s products, contact 631-801-6159, sales@teacherplanbook.comwww.teacherplanbook.com.

TeacherPlanBook.com is a New York-based company that offers products to improve what the entire educational ecosystem, from lesson planning and grading for teachers to analysis for administrators. The company’s products help administrators help their teachers maximize their time planning and teaching…and provide data to both administrators and teachers that can help them improve their classrooms, their schools, their learning ecosystems. 

TeacherPlanBook.com provides cloud-based tools easy enough for even technophobes to learn quickly. The products are the most effective tools available to make administrators more knowledgeable and teachers more effective. Together, TeacherPlanBook.com’s products form the basis for plans that can improve test scores and school performance at all grade levels.

Contact 631-801-6159, sales@teacherplanbook.com, www.teacherplanbook.com.