What's New in the September 1st Release Update?

Here's what's new in the latest TeacherPlanBook Release Update for September 1st:

  • Example Lesson provides guidance into creating your own Lessons and Lesson Plan Templates!
  • Create District Templates specific to your school district and ensure district standards for lesson planning are easy to follow. Make them editable or non-editable depending on your unique requirements!
  • Feedback/Collaboration on Lessons now allows you to share your lessons and have your Administrator or Parent provide feedback to the teacher!
  • Guided lesson planning with a comprehensive list of Lesson Plan fields now available, with built-in tooltips explaining their use!
  • Pre-populated field pick lists makes it easy to select from a comprehensive list of best-practice lesson plan elements!
  • Sequence fields in Lesson Plan Templates as needed!
  • Easily add custom fields to individual lessons or to the Lesson Plan templates you create!
  • No Template option - Build your lessons based on a template, or select No Template for your course to completely customize your lessons from scratch!