1. “is so simple that teachers new to the profession will not only be able to use it, but they will also have the opportunity to focus upon and learn proper lesson planning that forces one to teach by design and not by chance.
  2. “is user friendly to the point that the administrator can recognize its value based upon its impact upon his monitoring and supervisory duties.
  3. “is phenomenal.  This is an exciting time in education.”
Dr. Jolene Wallace Retired Area Supt., CCSD, Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you TeacherPlanBook! After several years of searching, trying numerous "free" programs and paying for many planner programs, your TeacherPlanBook is the first that I found to be simple to learn, easy to use, and fulfills all of my planning and reporting needs! I especially love that it's online (one less thing to carry) and that I can link lessons to state stands with one-click. With all the additional paperwork increasingly heaped on teachers, it's so nice to come across something that saves time and work rather than creating more!”

Trish Auletta Sachem School District

 “TeacherPlanBook is an innovation that has been long overdue. For years, I have been burdened by the monotonous task of documenting my lesson plans and weekly objectives in the small boxes contained in the school-issued planner. Every year I have to take time away from actually creating innovative lessons, in order to restate the same objectives. With 4 different courses and 3 different lab classes, I am forced to become a pencil pusher at the expense of improving my craft. Now, with TeacherPlanBook.com, I’m just a few clicks away from organizing my daily and weekly plans and objectives. Thank you, TeacherPlanBook!”

NYS Certified Physics and Earth Science Teacher Central Islip High School

“After fifteen plus years of utilizing lesson plans and fifteen plus years supervising teacher use of plans, I believe TeacherPlanBook will save a great deal of time and effort for both teachers and supervisors, enabling the focus of attention to be on the students and their learning styles.”

Aime Lacoste - Retired Principal Murphy JHS, Setauket NY

TeacherPlanBook.com really has translated our handwritten system into the cloud. It’s so easy to use…easy to learn…intuitive…faster…more accessible… I can go on and on.  I love it.”

“I’ve been teaching fifth grade for 20 years. I always hated rewriting a lesson plan book every year – when I did, much remained the same. TeacherPlanBook.com makes it possible to copy last year’s plans into the new year. I obviously revise a lot of material for the new classes – but the time savings is huge. Leaves me much more time for my students.”