TPB Enterprise Edition

Designed to be deployed district-wide – for district-wide improvements.’s TPB Enterprise Edition is the most powerful suite of cloud-based tools for educators.  These tools make lesson planning more efficient…teaching more effective…communications and collaboration increased… compliance with standards simpler…PLUS the TPB Analytics Suite with which administrators can see behind classroom doors…manage teachers more adeptly… and analyze all data on customizable dashboards. The result: actionable information with which to solve issues before they become problems. 

TPB Enterprise Edition includes the newest releases of’s four products:

Additionally, our Enterprise Edition includes:

  • Automated Lesson Collaboration
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Automatic distribution of usage reports
  • Complete TPB Learning Analytics Suite
  • District created templates
  • Single Sign-On
  • SIS enterprise integration
  • Automated teacher enrollment
  • Free day of professional services to plan set-up of your district-wide system

TPB Enterprise Edition provides more information than you’ve ever accessed this fast. This helps you to identify the need to improve performance before a school starts to fail. For example, and in short, you can…

  • Profile a successful school and a school needing improvement;
  • Determine the differences, to start identifying the problems and solutions;
  • Test students for baseline and store the results in our TPB Grade Book;
  • Train teachers to overcome performance obstacles;
  • Retest and reanalyze performance;
  • Continue the process to turn the problems into performance improvements before it’s time for standardized testing.

In summary, TPB Enterprise Edition helps you improve your district, teacher by teacher, student by student, classroom by classroom and school by school. Find out more. Contact us for a tour of this powerful suite of cloud-based tools. For a complete picture, sign up for a free trial of TPB Lesson Planner AND contact us to learn details of TPB Enterprise Edition. The results are going to move your vision of progress to an entirely new level.

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