Streamlined lesson planning. Engagement tools. Integrated standards. Shared accountability.

Set your sights higher. TeacherPlanBook.com provides a cloud-based, easy-to-use lesson planning system. It is based on the familiar paper planner. It not only makes lesson planning faster, more accessible and more efficient. It adds a range of features that make it a powerful tool for teachers and administrators. 

  • TeacherPlanBook.com streamlines planning, leaving more time and energy for teaching.
  • It improves compliance by integrating standards into the lesson planner – allowing one-click connection between a lesson and a curriculum standard.
  • It increases parent/family engagement with tools to share lesson plans and homework assignments.
  • It facilitates lesson review by administrators, with easy printed versions and on-line access.

Read more about these TeacherPlanBook.com features. Or set your sights higher. Sign up for a free trial of the system. See for yourself how TeacherPlanBook.com is the online planning solution you’ve been looking for.

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