Tools to make Administrators more knowledgeable…Teachers more effective… and School Performance improved.

Set your sights higher. provides cloud-based, easy-to-use tools for educators. Our products are the most effective tools available to make administrators more knowledgeable and teachers more effective. Together,’s products form the basis for plans that can improve test scores and school performance at all grade levels.

For district superintendents, principals and executive directors: TPB Learning Analytics lets you analyze what’s going on in your classrooms... with real-time data per teacher, per subject, per grade, per school or for an entire district…… all in customizable dashboards, available online, on any device, at any time. Read More

For Teachers and Administrators: TPB Lesson Planner provides teachers a faster, more efficient way to develop, save and share lesson plans…with integrated objectives and standards compliance. The system also provides the data for our TPB Learning Analytics, making it a powerful tool for every educator in your system. Read More

Also for Teachers and Administrators: Available as a traditional or standards-based grade book, TPB Grade Book is a powerful option for our TPB Lesson Planner. The system helps teachers track and analyze grades more efficiently…and gives administrators a visual analysis of student achievement and identifying students at risk. Read More

For Teachers and Schools: TPB Content-on-Demand allows the purchase of time-saving, Standards-based lessons from within our TPB Lesson Planner…16,000 pre-written lessons, vetted by education professionals…available by subject and grade level. Read More

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