TPB Content-on-Demand

Compliant lesson plans available on demand from within our TPB Lesson Planner

You can help your teachers create even better lesson plans, instantly, with Standards-compliant lesson content purchased within the teacher’s TPB Lesson Planner. Our Optional TPB Content-On-Demand includes 16,000 prewritten lesson plans, which have been developed and vetted by educational professionals. 

It is another way for you to help your teachers plan faster, more efficiently and more effectively – for performance improvements in every class. It can be particularly helpful for those teachers who are involved in multiple school activities, leaving minimal time for planning – and occasionally requiring an immediate, high quality plan with no time to write it.

TPB Content-on-Demand Features

  • TPB Content-on-Demand lesson plans are detailed plans, often an entire unit, with a wide range of materials available.
  • For example, for an English Language Arts class in High School, a plan might include a Teacher Guide, a student handout on the author of the book being studied, Chapter Questions, Writing Tasks, Word Search and Comprehensive Quiz and a Marking Scheme.
  • The pre-vetted lesson plans take a teacher through all the lessons for a unit.
  • 16,000 professionally Standards-compliant plans are available at nominal cost from within each TBP Lessons Planner.
  • The plans are organized by subject and grade level. Only appropriate plans are offered within a lesson plan, giving a teacher an immediate choice that will be right for the class needs.
  • Available in Content Packs for school districts, with 50, 100, 500 or 1000 lessons per Pack. These can be distributed to teachers through an automated system.
  • Individual lessons can be purchased from within the TPB Lesson Planner via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.
  • Typical lessons usually cost an average of $4-$15.
  • TPB Content-on-Demand is another way that administrators can help their teachers teach better.

See for yourself. Sign up for a free trial of TPB Lesson Planner, which includes both TPB Content-on-Demand and TPB Grade Book. See how it can help you improve your educational ecosystem.