TPB Grade Book

A traditional or Standards-based grade book that adds data for your Analytics.

TPB Grade Book is a powerful option for our TPB Lesson Planner. The system gives you a visual analysis of class averages with the failing rates of classroom testing and assignment grading—and the ability to immediately identify students-at-risk. That’s just the start of how TPB GradeBook helps administrators at all levels – and helps teachers track and analyze grades more efficiently. 

TPB Grade Book Features

  • TPB Grade Book is available as a Traditional grade book or a Standards-based grade book that accommodates the 5 Common Core domains for Mathematics or the 5-6 Common Core ELA strands.  
  • In both versions, the setup page lets you enter your class roster, class description, quarter and a comment bank These are automatically accessed by all the other pages in the grade book.  Setting up and using the grade book is easy and quick.
  • The Traditional TPB Grade Book includes a single grade book and also one for each Quarter with calculations for a Final year-end mark. It also has mouse-overs to describe each assessment.
  • The Traditional TPB Grade Book records the date -- and you have control on whether to use a particular assessment in grade calculations and also the weight of any scores included in the calculations.
  • Formative assessment data can be recorded but not used in calculations.
  • Students can have any assessment mark not counted in calculations if they are excused, or if you don’t count the lowest score is a student’s assessment.
  • Also in the Traditional TPB Grade Book, letter grades and grading scales can automatically be calculated.
  • In the Standards-based TPB Grade Book, student grades are automatically averaged for each domain and TPB Grade Book tracks and evaluates all Standards taught in each quarter.
  • Standards and their descriptions are easily transferred from our TPB Lesson Planner to the TPB Grade Book
  • Mousing-over a Standard code displays the complete description of the Standard. You will always know exactly what the Standard is.
  • A bank of comments on the setup page makes adding comments about student progress as easy as selecting the comments from a dropdown.
  • Individual student performances are graphed for each domain and also for all domains for the quarter – this is ideal for parent discussions.
  • A complete scoring rubric can be displayed in the TBP Grade Book
  • An ‘Effect-Size’ calculator shows the learning growth of the class by analyzing pre- and post assessment for any unit you teach.

Learn more about TPB Grade Book, which is found within TPB Lesson Planner. Sign up for a free trial. Or contact us for more information.