TPB IEP/504 Tracker

Documentation and compliance made easy.

TPB IEP/504 Tracker is the first cloud-based system that not only makes plan implementation simple; it also makes documentation and compliance as basic as the plan itself.

Given the increase in students with disabilities and the costs involved in serving them, district leaders want to provide the proper instruction and care – and avoid costly litigation. 

Let’s consider the simple facts:

An IEP or 504 Plan by itself is not magic. Failure to provide specially designed instruction or accommodations required on IEP or 504 plans are frequent reasons parents file formal complaints against school districts. These legally mandated accommodations and modifications require evidence that they are being implemented, in the form of documentation.

Systematically monitoring and documenting required modifications or accommodations is an important component of improving outcomes for students with disabilities. When the outlined modifications/accommodations are carefully attended to, students with disabilities are best able to show what they know and can do, maximizing his or her potential. 

An analysis by the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution (CADRE) found that, since 2004, mediation requests have increased by 19.5%. The associated costs in staff time and morale – as well as in fiscal resources – can be substantial when faced with a compliance complaint. 

TPB IEP/504 Tracker is the primary and only system that helps schools and districts be proactive through collaborations and documentation of required accommodations and modifications, ensuring and proving compliance. It improves compliance by integrating IEP goals and Standards into the lesson planner – alerting teachers to provide the plans’ requirements. Then it documents the work, for multiple uses, including proof of plan implementation.

How the system works:

Keeping with the National Center on Educational Outcome’s recommended 5-step process for documenting accommodations and modifications for instruction and assessment, TeacherPlanBook’s IEP/504 Tracker alerts teachers during the planning process of the individual needs of student in their classes. Planning and documenting these accommodations, modifications and associated Standards not only helps ensure their implementation but provides legal documentation for compliance.

The system guides your team towards required implementation and accurate documentation. It:

  • Tracks teacher data entry on delivered accommodations and modifications
  • Monitors progress across a school or district
  • Alerts teachers during planning of student needs
  • Generates compliance reports
  • Facilitates Intervention team collaborative planning
  • Documents parent communication
  • Documents and time stamps at-risk factors

The results are clear:

  • Improved learning by students who require accommodations and modifications
  • Improved teacher morale
  • Increased teacher collaboration
  • Improved implementation of IEP/504 plans
  • Finally, a way to defend against litigation
  • Fewer fiscal awards 

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