TPB Learning Analytics

Dashboard for Performance Improvement

The more data you have for analysis, the more precise your big picture. Our TPB Learning Analytics gives you a rapid way to view a single-screen analysis of any data in the system. 

With Learning Analytics, you can view real-time data – actionable intelligence all on customizable dashboards, available online, any time, on any device. 

Look behind classroom doors. Collaborate with your teachers. Analyze the entire school’s performance. Start a plan for improvement

TPB Learning Analytics provides you with more information than you’ve ever accessed this fast. This provides you with the ability to identify the need to improve performance before a school starts to fail. For example and in short, you can…

  • Profile a successful school and a school needing improvement
  • Determine the difference, to start identifying the problems and solutions
  • Test students for baseline and store the results in our TPB Grade Book 
  • Train teachers to overcome performance obstacles
  • Retest and reanalyze performance
  • Continue the process to turn the problems into performance improvements before it’s time for standardized testing 

Learning Analytics Features

A library of logical visuals makes it simple for school administrators to create dashboards that provide a current analysis of what is happening behind classroom. For example, with customized dashboards in TPB Learning Analytics, you can rapidly see:

  • which teachers had not prepared for the classes they are teaching today (i.e. no lesson plan),
  • which teachers demonstrate pro-activity in communicating with students and parents,
  • are teachers giving formative assessments on a regular basis to keep abreast of their students’ comprehension and the success of their teaching,
  • are teachers are giving summative assessments on a regular basis to keep abreast of their students’ achievement,
  • are teachers making progress in achieving their personal goals for the current school year,
  • are teachers self-reflecting on what went right and what could be improved the next time they teach the lesson’s topic,
  • the available TPB Grade Book also allows school administrators to see a visual analysis of class averages and the failing rates of summative classroom testing and assignment grading –with additional, more complex analysis that quantify learning
  • at the district level, superintendents can have similar components with which to construct their own dashboards, but district components gather data at the school level, not the classroom level – although each visual has the capacity to ‘drill down’ to determine the sources of the data, be it a teacher or a department
  • while principals can monitor teacher and subject area growth, superintendents can monitor principal and school growth 

What teachers and principals do every day is critical to student and school performance. TPB Learning Analytics dashboards enable supervisors to keep abreast of daily activities. 

In fact, imagine the effect of starting a meeting by showing one or more results from your dashboard. This data provides actionable intelligence for you to help your teachers teach better, help your principals supervise more effectively – and help your education ecosystem improve. 

Find out more. Contact us for a tour of this powerful analysis tool. It draws on our TPB Lesson Planner and TPB Grade Book for data input. So, for a complete picture, sign up for a free trial of TPB Lesson Planner AND contact us to learn details of TPB Learning Analytics. The results are going to move your vision of progress to an entirely new level.