TPB Lesson Planner

More efficient planning…more effective teaching.

The TPB Lesson Planner is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use lesson planning system that streamlines and improves the process. It is also the place to access TPB Grade Book, TPB Content-on-Demand – and integrates with the TPB Learning Analytics dashboard.

  • TBP Lesson Planner streamlines planning, leaving more time and energy for teaching.
  • It improves compliance by integrating Standards into the lesson planner – allowing one-click connection between a lesson and a curriculum Standard.
  • It increases parent/family engagement with tools to share lesson plans and homework assignments.
  • It facilitates lesson review by administrators, with easily printed versions, online access and as data for our TPB Learning Analytics.
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Lesson Planning Features

  • Paper Planner Style: Our TPB Lesson Planner looks and feels like a paper planner – so there’s no long learning curve. It is simple and intuitive to set up classes, lessons, homework and more, with a built-in tutorial tour and available video tutorials.
  • Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive Integration: Add as many links as needed to documents in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, right into your Lessons.
  • Online Access: You can view your TPB Lesson Planner on any device, from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smartphones.  Both Apple and PC devices are supported.
  • Lesson Planner View:  In this view, you easily create Classes and their schedules, lessons for each day, homework for the lessons and objectives for those lessons – selected from the integrated Standards section. It’s fast and easy, with a familiar format plus multiple options not found in paper planners.
  • Lesson Details: It is also fast and easy to set up details in your lesson plans to guide your classroom instruction. Again: less time planning gives you more time to teach at your best.
  • Copy and Move Lessons: TBP Lesson Planner makes it quick and efficient to copy lesson plans from one class to another or one day to another, without rewriting, erasing or other paper planner issues. It’s another way the system makes your lesson planning faster and easier.
  • Customized Lessons: Lessons are customizable by adding custom fields into your lessons that align with your own teaching philosophy and planning style, and by personalizing your lesson plan once, the personalization will appear across all your classes. 

Engagement Tools

  • Sharing Lesson Plans and Homework: With TPB Lesson Planner’s Share function, it is easy to share individual lesson plans or homework with parents/families, or your entire Lesson Planner to keep parents engaged with their student's learning. The homework view allows teachers to share assignments with parents. The Share function emails a link to a read-only version of the lesson or homework for parental review. This makes it simple for you to promote family schoolwork – and more likely that their student will succeed. 
  • Tracking Communications through Call Log: Our TPB Lesson Planner also include a Call Log. You are setting important learning goals for your students and must keep parents informed about individual goals and student progress. This requires timely communications – phone calls, emails, text messages and in-person meetings. When you organize all your communications from within the Call Log, it keeps track of them all. You can sort by date, parent, student or type of communications, so you always have ready reference available at a simple click.

Compliance Features

  • Integrated Standards: TPB Lesson Planner lets you access curriculum content from within your planner. With one-click, teachers can use a drop-down menu to select the Standards in use in their school – and choose an appropriate objective for the lesson being planned. Whether it’s the Core Curriculum, a State mandated standard or another required standard, you’ll find the standard and its objectives for your classes right there. You always know that what you are planning meets the standard. No worries. All you need to do it teach well. It’s good for teachers. Great for your administrator. Even better for your students.
  • Objectives: Using TPB Lesson Planner means you never have to worry about how to define an objective. Objectives for your classes are found within the Standards section of your planner. One click includes an objective in your Lesson Plan. You can also add custom objectives at any time. The system makes it easy to track the objectives progress as you teach each lesson. In the Objectives view, shows which standards have been achieved in any given week. As with the Integrated Standards of, the built-in Objectives are good for you, your administrators and your students. You concentrate on teaching, compliance with standards becomes simple.
  • IEP/504 Plans: this option in the Enterprise addition reminds you of IEP/504 plans you need to implement that day, records the modifications/accommodations you make, and documents them. This helps you keep the plans on track…helps students achieve…builds trust with parents – and gives administrators documentation to prove compliance.

Administrator Features

  • Data for Analysis: With TPB Lesson Planner implemented throughout your school or your system, you have all that data available to use in our TPB Learning Analytics. Read more about TPB Learning Analytics here.