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Online tools keep your district compliant.

When it comes to providing a uniformly high-quality education across your district—and minimizing the risk and liability of noncompliance—nothing facilitates achievement like empowering your teachers with the most efficient, effective tools and practices. TeacherPlanBook helps educators build online lesson plans, and school or district lesson plan templates, that are aligned with federal and state standards. TeacherPlanBook helps teachers make the most constructive use of their time. And by eliminating traditional paper planbooks, TeacherPlanBook provides a more eco-friendly way to help students, teachers and the whole district excel.

Teacher Planning

Help your faculty spend more time teaching and less time creating lesson plans and locating applicable standards. TeacherPlanBook frees educators to invest time in enriching lessons, working with students, and staying on top of developments in their specialty—all while maintaining compliant data.

Lesson Plan
Access from Anywhere

Your faculty's lesson plans are available online via secure login from work, home, conferences and more. Planbooks are never lost or forgotten, educators are always ready to manage the classroom and administrators can supervise lesson planning and delivery at their own convenience.


TeacherPlanBook contains integrated links to national and state education standards and curriculum, so it's easy for your teachers to select and import the correct standards into their lesson plans, and to ensure that lessons fulfill the objectives.

Shared Learning

TeacherPlanBook makes it simple for educators to show administrators how a class complies with mandated standards. TeacherPlanBook can be used to facilitate shared learning accountability between teachers and administrators.