Scrap that paper planner. Streamline planning. Ensure compliance. Plus…

Goodbye, wasted effort. Who wants to spend time finding and copying old lesson plans? Or worse, recreating the whole lesson? With TeacherPlanBook.com’s flagship product, TPB Lesson Planner, you populate your online lesson plans once. In the future, you're just a click away from building and managing your schedule, because your plans are stored in the cloud. It’s simple, easy and fast. Even for technophobes. The results? More efficient planning. More effective teaching.

Never Forget Your Lesson Planner Again

You know the feeling — the moment you realize your lesson plans are back home on the table where you were correcting papers late last night? With TPB Lesson Planner, the lesson plans you need are always with you, available online via secure login from home, work or the coffee shop – on any device.

Include Standards with a Click

Don't waste valuable time scouring the internet for curriculum standards. With TPB Lesson Planner, simply select the standards that apply to your specific course and grade level. They are integrated into your TPB Lesson Planner, with side-by-side views making it easy to ensure that your lesson plans are meeting all requirements. 

Share Progress with Administrators

TPB Lesson Planner makes it easy to share lesson plans with administrators, and to demonstrate how well your classes are achieving chosen objectives. With just a few clicks, you can show how your courses comply with required standards.

Share Lessons with Parents/Families

The single most crucial factor in student success is parental involvement in education. TPB Lesson Planner lets you easily share lesson plans and homework assignments with parents and families of individual students, engaging them in the process and promoting student success.

Keep Records of Contacts

Teachers set important learning goals for their students. It’s important to keep parents informed about individual goals and student progress through timely communications, which include in-person meetings, emails or phone calls. TPB Lesson Planner helps organize all your communications from within the Call Log.

Keep Grades within your Planner

TPB Grade Book is a powerful option for our TPB Lesson Planner. The system gives you a visual analysis of class averages with the failing rates of classroom testing and assignment grading—and the ability to immediately identify students-at-risk. That’s just the start of how TPB GradeBook helps teachers track and analyze grades more efficiently.

Purchase Content

TPB Lesson Planner makes it simple, easy and fast to purchase content if you would like to add to your lesson.  As a teacher, sometimes simply you run out of time!  Grading papers all night or just need an idea for a last-minute lesson? Buy one from our pre-screened content providers.  Content can be found within your lesson under Lesson Resources.  Simply click browse!