Scrap That Old-fashioned Paper Planbook!
TeacherPlanBook Saves Time & Effort.
Streamline lesson planning with essential tools that keep you compliant.

TeacherPlanBook is an online planbook that lets you easily create, manage and retrieve lesson plans and associated resources like photographs, diagrams and websites. When you use TeacherPlanBook to create lesson plans, it feels like a paper planbook, so there’s no steep learning curve. But advanced digital capabilities and online access give TeacherPlanBook the edge over paper—and give your students a boost by keeping you organized and efficient every day of the school year.

Wasted Effort

Who wants to spend time finding and copying old lesson plans? Or worse, recreating the whole lesson? With TeacherPlanBook, you populate your online lesson plans once, and in the future, you're just a click away from building and managing your schedule, because your plans are stored in the cloud.

Never Forget
Your Planbook Again

You know the feeling — the moment you realize your lesson plans are back home on the table where you were correcting papers late last night? With TeacherPlanBook, the lesson plans you need are always with you, available online via secure login from home, work or the coffee shop!

Select Standards
With a Click

Don't waste valuable time scouring the Internet for curriculum standards. With TeacherPlanBook, simply select the standards that apply to your specific course and grade level. Side-by-side views make it easy to ensure that your lesson plans are meeting all requirements.

Share Progress with Administrators

TeacherPlanBook makes it easy to share lesson plans with administrators, and to demonstrate how well your classes are attaining chosen objectives. With just a few clicks, you can show how your courses comply with required standards.